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Android | IOS apps to learn & manage sewing clothes

Sew Awesome 2 (Sewing Tracker)

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Are you an avid seamstress or sewist looking for a comprehensive tool to enhance your sewing experience? The Sew Awesome 2 is best among Android | IOS sewing apps.

Seamlessly designed to meet the needs of both professionals and hobbyists, Sew Awesome 2 offers a range of features to help you organise, track, and enhance your sewing projects.

From managing your sewing inventory to accessing valuable reference materials, this app is a must-have for every sewing enthusiast.

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The Singer Sewing Assistant app

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It is a game changer for sewing enthusiasts. It is user-friendly and helps you set up your sewing machine. Plus, it is packed with over 500 stitches to choose from. Each stitch comes with a neat description and helpful suggestions.

Now, let’s talk about the creative side. The Singer Sewing Assistant app is a treasure trove of ideas and designs for your sewing projects. It provides patterns, templates, and measurements to bring your ideas to life. If you run into any snags along the way then the app has handy guides to help you troubleshoot. If you need extra assistance, you can reach out to their customer support.

But here is the coolest part you can connect with other users through the app. Share your projects, get advice, and even make new friends who share the same passion for sewing. You can browse their store and have everything delivered straight to your doorstep.

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Stash Hub: Sewing Organiser

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Stash Hub is a small and stylish sewing organiser that keeps your tools and materials in order.

It has many sections and clear pockets, so you can store your things and easily see them. You can change the dividers to fit your sewing stuff perfectly. And it’s easy to carry around, so you can take it with you wherever you go.

Stash Hub is made from strong materials that can handle everyday use. It not only keeps your stuff organised, but it also looks nice with its modern design.

Whether you’re a professional sewer, a hobbyist, or just love crafting, Stash Hub is the best way to keep your sewing supplies neat and ready to use. Don’t let messiness stop you from being creative—get Stash Hub and enjoy sewing without the hassle.

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BERNINA App - learn sewing

The BERNINA App makes sewing portable. It shows you everything BERNINA offers, like sewing machines, embroidery tools, and more. You can find help and watch tutorials.

The app helps you organize your BERNINA accessories. You can make a wishlist and print it as a PDF.

Join the creative community on the app’s blog. Share ideas, learn tips, find instructions, and connect with fellow sewers.

The app has sewing patterns and an online shop where you can get the “inspiration” sewing magazine. Detailed instructions help you with your projects.

If you need help, the app finds the closest BERNINA store. They can guide you in choosing the right machine and offer support. BERNINA machines are durable and make high-quality stitches.

BERNINA cares about your passion for sewing. They create machines with the best technology to bring your projects to life.

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